Magic Rangoli Craft, Set of 4

Celebrate Diwali this year with a unique and one of a kind craft.


Diwali is the festival of lights- a time to focus on the positives and eliminate the darkness that exists inside and out. It is a time to see the best in people, to believe in MAGIC, and to do good. Well, what better way to feel the Magic of Diwali than to create Magic Rangolis! All you have to do is use sharpies or markers, scribble away (dont worry about coloring outside the lines!!!), and wipe with a baby wipe. A magical rangoli will appear :)


Celebrating Diwali in a classroom? Celebrating it via Zoom this year? Share a small snippet of the Hindu culture by engaging kids in a hands on, creative experience creating a Rangoli unlike any before. 



4in tiles, laser engraved

4 Sharpies included

Set of 4

A mix of designs will be sent


NOTE: Tiles have sharp edges. Please be careful around kids. Adult supervision required. 

Magic Rangoli Craft, Set of 4



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