Personalized Dandiya Set
Personalized Dandiyas are here!
Navratri is a time to dance, dance, dance! What better way to celebrate with your little ones than doing Raas with your very own personalized Dandiyas!
Each set comes with a pair of Dandiyas engraved with a name in any language - your choice between the same name in two different languages (as pictured here), first/last name, brother/sister name, or anything else you’d like.
The Dandiyas are 12” long and 1/2” wide.
There are 2 options available:
Unfinished- This is the Craft version: The set comes with 2 Dandiyas with engraved names and a roll of washi tape and some rhinestones to decorate with (paint and paintbrush not included).
Finished- These are Dandiyas ready to play! They too will have engraved names and will come fully painted and decorated- just take it out of the box and Raas Away!
**Please note that the Dandiyas come with a small bell hanging at the top. They are secured, but in case of anything breaking, it can be a choking hazard. Adult supervision required at all times.**

Personalized Dandiya Set



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