Unfinished Moveable Alphabet Set

We have recently changed our manufacturing and have some old moveable alphabet sets that are unfinished/misfits


Unfinished/Misfit means:


- The letters have a “sticker” coating on one or both sides that still has to be peeled. Some might have slight burn marks that can be removed with a baby wipe 


- There are 1-3 pieces of each letter. Most letters have 2 in each set, however some letters might only have 1 and some may have 3. All consonants, vowels, and maatras included.


- 1-2 letters might be broken (most probably not, but it is possible)


- Does not come with cards or trays.


**Please please read all the details before buying and ask us ANY questions you have before purchasing.**


**This set contains small parts that may be harmful to kids under 3. Please use adult supervision at all times when handling this material** 

Unfinished Moveable Alphabet Set

$30.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price