Personalized Wooden Blocks

The perfect heirloom baby block set that will last through the years.


These make for perfect baby shower, birthday, chatti, baptism, or newborn gifts.



1.5” wood blocks Maple hardwood

Handmade and sealed with organic oil and beeswax.

Engraved on 1 or 2 sides

Multiple languages possible

Images are engraved onto the wood and won't fade or wear off.


How to order:

If ordering for 2 sided , please include directions in the following manner: Block 1: K and ક્રિ

Block 2: R and rickshaw

Block 3: I and peacock

Block 4: S and શ

Block 5: H (ક્રિશ) and elephant




Block 1: K and car

Block 2: R and peacock

Block 3: I and moon

Block 4: S and leaf

Block 5: H and rocket


Please please make sure to follow these directions when inputting your personalization preferences. 

Personalized Wooden Blocks