Indian Standard Time Clock



There is a funny saying in the Indian Culture- Is the party at 7 o'clock IST (Indian Standard TIme) or Regular time? This clock is a play on that phrase as the numbers don't really matter when it comes to IST.


This beautifully handcrafted wall clock makes for the perfect housewarming gift - you will have brought the best one!


The clock is made from Walnut Plywood (in the front) and Acrylic (the blue in the back) and measures approximately 10.5".


Also note that all of our products are MADE IN USA.


**The clock hardware is extremely delicate and for that reason, it will come separate and you will be given directions on how to install it. Please message us with any questions BEFORE your purchase.** As always, we are more than happy to create a custom design so feel free to message us.

Indian Standard Time Clock