Hindi Moveable Alphabet

A moveable alphabet set allows for a hands on learning expierence for a child. It helps a child express him/herself in words without needing to know how to manipulate a pencil. It makes spelling, reading, and learning in general, more fun for those little minds.


The set includes:

Acrylic letters- 3 pieces each of the consonants (except Jh, N, L, Ksh, Gny- 2 of these as they are used infrequently)

2 pieces each of the vowels,

3 maatras of each vowel

2 trays with lids to organize all of the alphabet (color of tray may vary)

70 reading cards

1 burlap bag to hold the cards

1 plastic case to hold the maatras


**Note that there are small parts in this product and kids under 5 must have adult supervision. CHOKING HAZARD FOR KIDS UNDER 3. SUPERVISION NEEDED AT ALL TIMES.

Hindi Moveable Alphabet