Dry Erase Alphabet Tracing Board

Introducing the Alphabet Tracing Board.


This is a simple and fun way to learn the alphabet and then practice writing letters. No more wasting papers or making photo copies - just trace, erase and use again! It's the perfect size to throw in a small backpack or purse to take with you to go - airplanes, restaurants, doctor's office, wherever you go.


These boards can be made Montessori friendly, i.e. you can choose to have the vowels in blue and the consonants in red, so that they can be easily identified. The best part is that it comes customized with your child's first name or your family name at the top!


Please chose the language that you want from the drop down menu when ordering. If you want a language you do not see, please reach out to us.


This product is made from acrylic and is engraved on the back. There is no vinyl so you wont have to worry about any peeling and it is smooth in the front which makes for easy wipe off. The size is also perfect for grab and go situations or to add to your shelves at home.


Also included:

- A dry erase marker with eraser

- Lots of personalized love


**Note that acrylic is fragile and if it breaks, it can have sharp edges. Adult supervision needed at all times. This is not a toy, but a learning material. 

Dry Erase Alphabet Tracing Board