Montessori Animals Matching Game

Learning is multisensorial. The more senses you use, the more hands on your learning is, and the more fun and success you will have.


Keeping that in mind, each set features 9-11 animal figurines with their matching bilingual cards. 

It helps with several different skills including, but not limited to, visual discrimination (the cards are not exactly the same as the figurines so they will have to pay much more attention to details), one to one correspondence (match one card to one figurine), categorizing (animals with tails, stripes, etc.), and much much more! 

Each set includes
- 9-11 realistic animal figurines 
- 9-11 professionally printed cards (about 3x.5x3.5 so that they are large enough to really focus on the details)
- A 100% cotton travel pouch to carry it all in


Added bonus: You can use these with our Moveable Alphabet set to create even more opportunities for hands on learning.


Choose from Farm Animals or Wild Animals (or both!) and start having fun with language today! 

Montessori Animals Matching Game