Gujarati Alphabet Book

Meet Kavi: True to his name, he is a poet extraordinaire who loves to write in verse - especially in his native Gujarati. Kavi puts his quill to his parchment and takes kids on a journey of learning with the Gujarati alphabet!


Introducing our newest concept book: Ka Kaachbaano Ka: A Poetical Introduction to the Gujarati Alphabet. Written by Avni Gandhi, an elementary school teacher and founder of Bhaasha Basics, the book features fun and catchy rhymes with transliterated Gujarati text. Learning Gujarati has never been more fun! Richly illustrated by Ajanta Guhathakurta, your kids will surely want to write some poetry of their own!


• Includes alphabet chart, pronunciation guide, Glossary of words and phrases, as well as a full page of tips and prompts for beginning Gujarati conversation



Gujarati Alphabet Book



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