Backpack Tags

Our goal at Bhaasha Basics has always been to make the ordinary a little special, whether it be for adults or kids.


Backpacks for kids are like cell phones for adults. During the school year, it is the one thing they have with them ALL year round. So we decided to jazz up this backpack with their very own affirmation tags (now in full color!)


Affirmations help raise confidence, avoid feelings of frustration, and are especially motivating when working on difficult tasks.These affirmations will serve as a reminder for your child day in and day out- a reminder that he/she is unstoppable and can achieve anything they put their mind to! 



Choose from three different colors 

Approximate size: 2"x2.7" 

Comes with a strap to attach to a backpack/lunchbag 

Material: Wood 


Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns! And if you want a custom design, do not hesitate to message us. 

Backpack Tags