Alphabet Poster

Beautiful alphabets meet beautiful design. The characters of the Indic languages are stunning to look at – fluid, curvaceous and simply elegant. And now you can display them with pride with our high-style alphabet posters.


Designed by Sandra Isaksson, whose Scandi-Brit-style graphics and illustrations have been published with major international retailers, these posters pair modern, kitschy silhouettes with traditional letters and a retro-vintage color palette of yummy tangerines, aqua and lime.


Finally! Indian alphabet poster worthy of display on any wall of the modern home. Your kids will be staring at it from playroom to dorm room.


And at this affordable price, you’ll want to buy 2: 1 to hang and 1 to play with!


Printed on FSC-certified archival quality matte art paper.

Comes with pronunciation guide + explanation of images.

Approximately 13”x19”

Alphabet Poster