At Bhaasha Basics, our goal is to create one of a kind gift boxes for your employees. They are elegant, memorable, and personalized in a way you will not find outside. We curate products and create the perfect mesh of elegance and usability and we promise your employees will not be disappointed. 


You pick a budget and choose items from the list*


Email us for a personalized box with a personalized quote!


All corporate gifts come in elegantly packaged boxes with a personalized note and are shipped directly to the reciver.


Coaster Set and Mini Cheese Board
Small Charcuterie Board and Keychain**



Large Charcuterie Board and Personalized Ornament and keychain**



Personalized Tray, a set of Coasters, and a Personalized Tumbler**



These packages usually include a branded gift like an Ember Mug, a Patagonia Jacket, along with customized gifts**

*Prices are based on a 15 box minimum. Exact products will be discussed individually per order. All prices quoted will include shipping to individual employees. Prices subject to change.
** These are just examples and exact products for the boxes will be discussed individually per order.