Our entire product line here at Bhaasha Basics has been curated such that every piece has an immense sentimental value. Why gift someone from a big box retailer when you can gift them something that will remind them of their identity, day in and day out? From our affirmation line designed to build the confidence and self-love starting from a young age, to our Saptapadi/wedding vows products designed to begin a new chapter of life with the utmost commitment, to the welcoming of a new soul into your families, each and every product has been thought through to bring you the best gifts in the market. 


"Bhaasha" is a Sanskrit word that means "language." Language is the single most important development for the human being. We all know that teaching young children multiple languages is beneficial because it helps their brain develop in unprecedented ways. But more importantly, language is the key to unlock one's culture and stay connected to one's roots. Bhaasha Basics was born out of a desire to make the basic elements of our languages easy, and more importantly FUN, to teach the next generation. We strive to make educational materials that are accessible and easy to use. We sincerely hope you enjoy our products as much as we do :) 



Avni Gandhi, Founder of Bhaasha Basics

I am the mother of two beautiful children, Arjav and Aarya, and was born and raised in Mumbai and came to America as a middle-schooler. After teaching in the classroom as an elementary teacher for several years, I decided to stay at home with my kids for a few years. The teacher in me never really left and I started working on projects to teach my kids the things they would not get a chance to learn at school - their mother language and all the incredible things about their Indian culture. This was also when I began becoming intimately familiar with the educational principles of Maria Montessori. The lack of materials to teach language combined with my love for creativity ultimately led me to Bhaasha Basics.

As the kids got older and the business grew, my focus shifted from merely teaching language to bringing that culture into our daily lives- that's when the birth of our gift products took place. I want my kids to the able to see their names on popular items, I want them to have the option to see their language etched onto water bottles and wooden blocks. I want our families to be okay with spending a little more to gift something that doesn't collect dust on the shelves of the garage. My goal is to simply provide thoughtful and beautiful gifts that will be cherished for years to come. And I am eternally grateful to have you be a part of this journey.